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The CPM views the formalisation of BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — as a welcome sign, believing it has the potential to emerge as a countervailing global force to US imperialism. It believes BRICS can lead the world towards a genuine multi-polarity. But for that, it must strengthen relations with other formations like the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and the Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America and the Caribbean (ALBA).

The editorial in CPM mouthpiece People’s Democracy notes that the resistance to democratise the UN — mainly from the US — has demonstrated that the global body does not reflect 21st century realities. “BRICS could be an effective forum that can also catalyse a democratic re-structuring of the United Nations,” it says.

Further, BRICS can play an important role in resisting US-driven attempts to hijack global negotiations on important issues like climate change and the Doha round of negotiations under the WTO. Although Brazil, Russia, India and China as current members of the UN Security Council have abstained from the vote imposing a no-fly zone over Libya, it feels the BRICS should however have gone a step forward in opposing it. “Such coordinated political positioning can emerge in the future as a check to imperialist hegemonic designs,” it hopes.

[Source: Indian Express, New Dehli, 27Apr11]

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