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OPEN FORUM is an open mailing list where you can discuss any topics somehow related to human rights. The list has (almost) no restrictions as to what can be posted or who can post it. The only exceptions are that:

  • You should not send commercial advertisements and
  • You should comply with the laws in your jurisdiction regarding copyright, libel and so on.
  • You don't send attached messages - the list software has problems dealing with it, and these messages become garbage for many users.

    Other than that, go ahead, say whatever you want.

    If you want some structure, however, subscribe to one of our other mailing lists.

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    To subscribe to the mailing list, send an empty message to:

    You may also chose to receive the messages as a digest. The digest includes all the messages sent to the list in a 48-hour period, all sent together in one long message. This helps you keep your mailbox tidy. To subscribe to the digest send an empty message to:

    To write to the open-forum mailing list, write to:

    To unsubscribe from open-forum, send an empty message to:

    You can unsubscribe from the digest, writing to:

    For more information and other commands write to:

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