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The SS Totenkopf Case
Johann Leprich, Anton Tittjung,
Josias Kumpf and Ivan (John) Demjanjuk

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On 19th June 2008, a criminal lawsuit was presented in the National Court on behalf of several survivors and families of Spanish victims of the National Socialist regime.

After sixty years, these individuals come before the Spanish justice system for the first time, a system which has not hitherto acknowledged them as victims. In fact, as the Spanish state has never actually recognised its collaboration with the National Socialist regime of the Third Reich, no representative of the Spanish state has apologised to the victims.

Owing to the type of proceedings initiated, this case represents particularly the Spanish victims of the Concentration Camps ("KL" - Konzentrationslager) of Mauthaussen, Sachsenhausen y Flossenbürg.

On 9th June 2008, the Public Prosecutor's office of the National Court issued a report supporting the admission of the case, and determining that the Court had jurisdiction over it. The case was then admitted to the Central Investigative Court No. 2 of the National Court on 17th July 2008.

This case may possibly be one of the last proceedings able to try those directly responsible for the crimes committed in the National Socialist extermination camps, who exemplify the impunity enjoyed throughout Europe by most of the perpetrators of these serious crimes.

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