Imperialism in the 21st Century

The world has watched in horror as three world evil trinity (America,Britain and France) descend on Libya under the disguise that onFebruary 26th, the united nations security council (which they own) voted unanimously to impose an arms embargo on Libya, and urged member nations to freeze assets owned by col. Maummar Gadhafi and his family to international Criminal court.

What is interesting is all those are non-members of the InternationalCriminal Court. In fact the former and current president, Mittelland and Nicholas Sarkozi qualify for ICC. For the case of United States of America and Britain, George Bush and Blair Tonny could not have missed ICC; the world knows the so called weapons of mass destruction (WMD).Theformer US president Bill Clinton regrets the failure of UN to push, for intervention in Rwanda in 1994 genocide. Kofi Anan, who was then the UN undersecretary general for peace-keeping operations described the situation at the time as ‘terrible and humiliating’ paralysis for Ocampo and his team that’s does not call for punishment.

In the 21st century imperialism has metamorphosed from scramble and partition of late 19th century and early 20th century to resolutions of UN-security council and international Criminal Court, the only challenge is whether the African continent is ready consciously to intervene, I want to assure leaders that can longer have direct missionaries, explorers and traders. The resolution authorizes UN member states (read western war hawk, currently teetering on the brink of financial ruin) to take “all the necessary measures to occupy ‘to protect civilians and civilian populated areas” while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on my part of Libyan territory’

It is not rare African leaders have committed mistakes but apparently in this “accident” in Libya, “I don’t believe a cat to intervene with an ambulance to take a rat to the hospital.”The imperialists western war hawks salivating appetite to, pillage, plunder Libya oil are framing their arguments in terms of what catholic theology calls just wars doctrines, arguing deceitfully it is a moral imperative on the “international community” to institute a democracy and secure “human rights” by destroying Libya like they did to Iraq, advertise for reconstruction and their companies take the tenders and use the money from frozen assets as donations, what a hypocrisy? But can plunder, murder and general destruction by anybody serve a higher good? The Libyan rebels are continuing to lose it because they abandoned the script of no-violence that had worked so well in Tunisia and Egypt.They miscalculated by entering directly in armpits of the colonial hang over of imperialist like France, who recognized them as a legitimate opposition. Unfortunately it has not been easy and even their western backers are now on a round table trying to re-adjust on their imperialist mission.

It is therefore important to understand how imperialism has changed its face from Iraq to Libya, the journey is still long my only worry is how prepared are we to challenge the journey to the south, historians remember very well Dr. Livingstone’s journey and even Vasco Dagama. The use of violence is totally unacceptable unless it meets the strict conditions for legitimate defense. This also serves as an eye opener to most African countries to sort out their internal contradiction, work for the people and people will be able to consciously defend what belongs to them. I am not yet convinced that we have done enough to make sure that we don’t attract imperialists.

There is also much talk about African Union intervention, very good idea. One can also ask, after Africa leaders agreeing to deploy in Somalia, how many so far have sent troops to Somalia/ since the formation of NEPAD, what is its impact on our continent, after endorsing APRM how many countries have effectively accepted the self assessment? Africa Union should walk the talk; I know even on the Ivory Coast issue, it has been very difficult.

The Darfur question, African Union managed to send envoys from Pan African parliament, all what Iam saying is that African Union should try to be independent and safe guard the continent. I expect a communiqué from the east African community and urge fellow Pan Africanist to enlighten our people on the cause to resist, If we all still have the energy.

As Sekou Toure said “I rather be free in poverty than rich in slavery.”

[Source: Uganda Media Centre, Office of The President, 14Apr11]

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Libya War
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