Kuwait grants Libyan rebels 180 mln dollars

Kuwait said Sunday it would grant the Libyan opposition group 50 million dinars (around 180 million U.S. dollars) after the country's amir met head of the group Mustafa Abdul Jalil.

Jalil, on a visit to Kuwait, said the amount would be used to pay for the salaries of the employees of the Transitional National Council.

Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Salem Al-Sabah said earlier this month that the Gulf Arab emirate would follow France, Qatar and Italy to recognize the opposition group as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people.

Jalil did not say whether Kuwait would officially declare recognition of the rebel group.

Kuwait on Sunday gave 50 million dinars ($180 million) to the Libyan opposition Transitional National Council (TNC), its chief Mustafa Abdel Jalil said.

[Source: Xinhua, Kuwait City, 24Apr11]

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