RAF provides air support for rebels

On Monday, the Libyan rebels entered the city of Zlitan, 160 kilometers east of Tripoli reports the British newspaper the Guardian.

According to the newspaper, opposition fighters are in the heart of the city, but in order to take the center they must obtain the consent of the local tribal elders.

Close air support was provided by the British Royal Air Force which assisted the rebels in their attack.

As a result of the air-strikes on the neighborhoods of Zlitana, the way was cleared for the opposition forces.

NATO Forces, including the RAF destroyed rocket launchers, tanks, weapons depots and command centers belonging to Gaddafi’s faithful units.

However, as the newspaper notes, despite the capture of tanks and heavy artillery, "the forces of the opposition are too lightly armed to count on a rapid advance on Tripoli."

[Source: The Voice of Russia, Moscow, 02Aug11]

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Libya War
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