British brains, brawn and bombs bolster Libyan rebels

Britain’s MI6 officers have been engaged in drilling Libyan rebels, helping them to establish a proper military plan for an assault on the capitol Tripoli.

-On Tuesday, British newspapers revealed that the UK not only detached spies and former SAS gurus to train militants, but was also providing them with ammunition for the operation, including night-vision goggles, advanced communication equipment and no less than 1,000 sets of body armor.

The Telegraph published an article about MI6 consultants working in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi “for weeks”, culminating in the raid on the Libyan capital.

Needless to say, the technical military capabilities of the British air force were supposed to take the most active part in these plans, which they actually did on Saturday night, bombing out four Libyan communications centers and destroying artillery positions and tanks on the streets of the Libyan capital.

But even British warfare professionals were surprised at the speed with which the rebel forces were advancing deep into Colonel Gaddafi’s defenses, only to find out later they have been lured into a trap.

The rebels had actually smuggled guns and ammunitions, as well as fighters, into Tripoli beforehand, so when the hour came they just rolled through the streets in increasing numbers and met practically no resistance at all.

The rebels hoped their advance would spark an uprising in the capital, but the actual number of citizens who chose to join premature democratic celebrations on Green Square was considerably moderate in comparison with the thousands who preferred to stand by the country’s leader in the governmental district of Bab al-Aziziya armed with the handguns distributed among the locals earlier.

During all that time, Royal Air Force Tornadoes and Typhoons continued to bomb governmental objects inside the Libyan capital, including Muammar Gaddafi’s bunker in Bab al-Aziziya and other buildings that the loyalist troops could use to their benefit, including schools – empty due to summertime – and the RAF still continues to do so, now focusing on the central part of the city. On Sunday alone the fighter jets made 46 attacks on various objects

The assault on the Libyan capital has been nurtured, orchestrated and co-ordinated by former and serving British intelligent officers. Questions now emerge as to how many of them have been KIA on the streets of Tripoli and if Gaddafi’s troops will be capable to present living proof of the UK plotting a military coup in a sovereign state.

-Meanwhile, a military spokesperson from Operation Unified Protector rejected all reports of connections between NATO and the rebels.

During a video-conference from the Libyan mission's Naples headquarters, Colonel Roland Lavoie stressed that the alliance and anti-Gaddafi forces have never planned combined operations. Lavoie assured that all the information about the situation in Libya NATO leaders is obtained from “allied countries”.

However, freelance journalist Sukant Chandan, says the rebels have never been independent forces, “They have always been in the pocket of Western intelligence services,” he told RT.

“This whole conflict has been engineered by Western governments since the beginning of mid-February. It is the same now in Tripoli.”

To Chandan it is obvious that yesterday’s attacks had been “planned all along for weeks by NATO forces.”

[Source: RT Novosti, Moscow, 23Aug11]

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