Looking to a new chapter in China-Libya relations

China's official recognition of Libya's National Transition Council (NTC) as its ruling authorities and representative of the Libyan people is a mature decision made at the right time by the Chinese side.

China and Libya can work together to push for a smooth transition and development of bilateral relations.

At present, the situation in Libya has not stabilized, with the whereabouts of Muammar Gaddafi remaining unknown. However, what has already been clear is that the NTC has controlled most parts of Libya and started to assume power and administrative duties.

China's decision has been based on its long-standing independent foreign policy of peace and the principle of respecting the choice of the Libyan people.

China's policy on Libya is not designed to seek its own interests but is entirely in the interests of bilateral relations as well as peace, stability and development in the region as a whole.

Since turmoil erupted in Libya earlier this year, China has made efforts to ease conflicts there, maintained communication and contacts with the international community and called for a peaceful solution.

The friendly and cooperative relations between China and Libya should be developed on the basis of the friendship between the two peoples and the common interests of the two countries.

Whatever changes may happen in the Libyan ruling authorities in the future, efforts should be made to ensure no vacuum is left in bilateral relations and that friendly cooperation and exchanges continue uninterrupted.

China supports the political and economic reconstruction of Libya and is ready to play its due role in the reconstruction process based on a win-win relationship.

The turmoil in Libya is only temporary, while the China-Libya friendship is everlasting. China attaches great importance to the position and role of the NTC, and has kept in close contact with it with a view to jointly promoting bilateral ties.

Meanwhile, the NTC leadership said it was "delighted" at China's decision to recognize its status.

In response, the NTC made a statement including three points, namely, to strictly abide by all the existing treaties and agreements between the two countries, to firmly adhere to the one-China policy, and to welcome China's participation in the country's reconstruction and jointly push forward the steady and sustained development of bilateral ties.

The statement has demonstrated the NTC's clear political stance. China and Libya will enhance their mutually beneficial cooperation and work to create a broad prospect for bilateral relations.

Looking ahead, Libya is facing a long, difficult process of reconstruction. It needs the help of the international community and requires a leadership role for the United Nations in the process.

China, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, is ready to join the international community in playing an active role in resolving the Libya issue and helping it return to the international stage.

[Source: Xinhua, Beijing, 13sep11]

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